Through yoga, I’ve learned self-compassion, patience, and that progression comes from dedication and practice.

I’ve learned to respond mindfully rather than react carelessly and checking in as a way to stay balanced.

Yoga has taught me to live with intention, focus, and presence. It has taught me the importance of self-care and to seek support when needed.

With every breath, I am reminded of the undulating passage of life. I inhale to expand and feel the full capacity of my lungs. I pause at the top to allow for stillness. But I can only stay full for so long before the inevitable exhale. I pause once again and allow for the emptiness.

There are times in life when we feel fulfilled – when we feel happy and complete. And there are times when we feel empty. This hollowness is necessary; only with this feeling can we appreciate the times of contentment.

The lessons I learn on my mat I take with me into the world. I hope you will too.

Getting Started

An in-person yoga class is always preferred, but here is a teacher that posts free videos online.

Yoga with Adriene

My Teachers

I am blessed to have practiced with a variety of talented teachers at Santa Cruz Yoga and elsewhere.

Puja Chance

Erika Abrahamian

Kyonghwa Kim-Nobis

Mark Stephens

Santa Cruz Yoga

Linda Hutton