I practiced handstands for several years in the context of yoga, but it wasn’t until I started training regularly with a coach, Rose Calucchia, that I learned how to consistently stick a handstand.

Rose teaches handstands using the GMB method. If you do all the things in this tutorial, and practice them regularly, you will get your handstand.

But it’s more effective to train with a coach than by yourself for two main reasons –

1) Accountability – your weekly session means that even if you do nothing else on your own, you will at least get that one training in per week. Consistency is the key to progression.

2) Expert feedback – a trainer can identify movement patterns in your body that you might be unaware of. They give targeted feedback and suggestions to help you progress exponentially faster than if you were working on your own.

For me, the two main skills that took my handstand game to the next level was high frogger:

and the split leg kick-up:

Here is another great video on animal locomotion variations that will help you to develop the strength and coordination for handstands:

Sticking a handstand used to be the end goal for me. But now I see it is the foundation to all skills in acrobatics and handbalancing.